With a passion for custom designs, the team at Green Earth Homes, provides a complete building solution from the conception of design right through to the build and  handing your keys to you once completed.

At Green Earth Homes, our experienced designers provide a wealth of information and design ability which will see a beautiful and unique home come to life.

Building your home is one of the biggest decisions that you will make both emotionally and financially. In a world of unlimited options, why would you build a standard home plan that is not 100% suited to you, your block of land or the Sunshine Coast environment?

When you look around even McDonald’s allows you to custom build your own burger, Ikea and Freedom provide you with the service to custom design your own couch and there are websites that allow you to even custom design your own clothing label – take a Fendi dress design and pick your own fabric.  With all these options, why would you not custom design your own home – the kitchen that you cook in every day, the bedrooms that your children play in, the office that you work in, or the entertaining space that you celebrate in?

It is about creating a home, not a house, it is more than bricks and mortar. We build a relationship with you to ensure your home is a true representation of your dreams and aspirations.

Do you already have your plans prepared? The team at Green Earth Homes can help you.

Whether you are at sketch stage or have a set of full working drawings we can provide you with a proposal to build your new home.

So if you are ready to select a builder to start constructing your custom home, contact our team to see exactly how we can assist you.

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