• 25 March 2015

Leading the new era of Sunshine Coast Builders

Leading the new era of Sunshine Coast Builders

At Green Earth Homes we care about our clients – you. We make a point of getting to know you individually in order to understand what you really want from the project and from your builder.

We want to build for you to create the beautiful home that you have always dreamt about and we will give you a building experience that is enjoyable and as stress free as possible.

When you look for a builder on the Sunshine Coast, as a potential client you are faced with a myriad of options, you are certainly not short of choice. So, how do you recognise and choose the quality builder from the rest of the bunch? At Green Earth Homes we have recognised this dilemma that faces our potential clients, our team is acutely aware of the choices that you have and the decisions that you need to make. From this we understand that if you are going to choose Green Earth Homes over the masses then we need to stand out and offer an exceptional building experience.

So what is it about Green Earth Homes that makes us unique from the other building companies on the Sunshine Coast and why should you choose us? We believe it is our commitment to our clients and the passion that we have for building beautiful homes. We believe so strongly in this commitment and passion that we offer all clients the following guarantees:

1. We guarantee that you will be pleased with our service

At Green Earth Homes we pride ourselves on our service ability.

  • Our services start when you first make your call to Nathan, our principal builder. 99% of the time you will speak with Nathan straight away, and if not, we guarantee you that he will return your call that very day. The expert advice starts at the beginning.
  • Booking your site inspection appointment with Nathan is straightforward and you will not be waiting a week to see him. Nathan is flexible and will fit in with your time constraints. We find that with most builders on the Sunshine Coast you can be waiting over a week for them to meet with you. We guarantee you that you will not experience this with Green Earth Homes.
  • Getting your quote back in a timely manner is paramount to Nathan. If you have been waiting over a week* for a builder to get a quote back to you, you have been waiting far too long. Being efficient and thorough is vital, you want a builder that is organised and puts your project at the top of his list. *Depends on project size.

2. We guarantee you expert upfront advice, exceptional craftsmanship and a quality finish.

If you are not satisfied with the finish of your project, we will come back until you are.

How many stories have you heard from friends and family that the builders quote didn’t include all items required to finish the project; or that the finish to their home (whether it is the tiles, skirting, painting, etc.) just wasn’t done to the standard that they expected or had been promised from the builder? At Green Earth Homes we believe that:

  • Being upfront and having open communication throughout the building process ensures that you know exactly what is happening at all times, you know what is included and what is excluded and therefore you will not be given any nasty surprises.
  • The job must be done right the first time and no corners are cut. If you are happy with your home, we know you will tell your family and friends, and this word of mouth is invaluable to our team and our company. Our reputation is our name.
  • We are custom home builders; we are not project builders. At Green Earth Homes we guarantee quality.
  • We believe so strongly in our building ability that we guarantee that if you are not satisfied with your finished project that we will come back until you are. At Green Earth Homes we invest our time into you.
  • Only the best will do. Due to our long history of building on the Sunshine Coast we have quality tradesman that we use for each project. Each contractor has been tried and tested by our team to ensure that you will be satisfied with each and every aspect of your home.
  • Building experience for the South East Queensland climate is essential and at Green Earth Homes we have this experience plus much more.

3. We guarantee you that we are the Sunshine Coast builders that you can trust

This is no small statement however we know that it means a lot to our clients and potential clients to have the confidence to trust their builder. As a result of our upfront and open communication we always develop a great rapport with all of our clients. Trusting your builder is imperative to the success of your project and to ensuring that it is as stress free as possible for both you and for us as your builder.