• 16 April 2015

Sunshine Coast Daily - Building on the Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Daily - Building on the Sunshine Coast








The Team at Green Earth Homes is taking the building industry on the Sunshine Coast to new level.

This story covered in the Sunshine Coast Daily on the 7th of April 2015 explains the committment that company shows to the Sunshine Coast environment. With a passion for sustainable building, Nathan and Grace Staal are comitted to providing sustainable homes to the Sunshine Coast community.

As they explain in the article, it is not about building mud brick homes or the like, it is about building homes with passive solar design, using the right colours on your homes exterior, ensuring the orientation is correct.  Our homes are very much a main part of the built environment on the Coast, lets start here with getting fundimentals right - you can have a beautiful modern home that is sustainable - this is what the team at Green Earth Homes do and do well.

Speak to the Ross today to see just what is available, call 0408 707 320.