• 25 March 2015

Your Sunshine Coast Builder

Your Sunshine Coast Builder

Building, Renovation and Extending

Renovating your old Queenslander on the Sunshine Coast presents many opportunities to recreate, enhance, extend or simply rejuvenate your home.

As a house already full of character, retaining much of the Queenslanders charm and history is often important however just as equally important can be the improvements that make life that ‘little bit easier’ or more convenient for you and your family.

As a specialist in Queenslander renovations, Nathan at Green Earth Homes will guide you through the renovation process to ensure that your home retains the individual character that you fell in love with. Our team will however also expertly provide you with many options available to create a modern and energy efficient home. The Green Earth Homes team will show you ways to skilfully create a modern space within your Queenslander as well as ways that you can introduce passive building design, how to recycle many of your homes building materials and also introduce you to the plethora of green products on the market.

Your Sunshine Coast Builder, Your Design, Your Home

Re-designing your old Sunshine Coast Queenslander, to create a modern and comfortable home while still retaining your homes original character and warmth, is a delicate task and one that requires understanding of the traditional building methods. Firstly, you will need to prioritise what is really important to you. What is it about your home, this Queenslander that you love and want to retain? Is it the beautiful old timber flooring that is in desperate need of stripping back and re-oiling? Is it the old picture rails in your living areas or the verandah that is falling down that could be renovated and extended for more flexibility for your growing family? Whatever it is that you love about your home, communicate this with Nathan and your priorities will be used as the foundation for the renovation and extension of your home.

Where to from here?

Once you have a few ideas and decisions on how to redesign your Queenslander, you need to start consulting with Nathan and a chosen draftsman or architect. Taking the opportunity to brainstorm through ideas with a design professional is invaluable and will create opportunities for consideration, enhancement and confirmation of ideas. Start to think carefully about your need for additional space and optimal layout for your rooms. Also what doors, windows, walls, verandahs and eaves will suit your home and the environment? Think about the liveability and the energy efficiency of your Sunshine Coast home. As part of the design process spend time thinking about recycling your building materials as this will retain your homes character as well as keep your costs down. Spend time thinking about your preferred appliances, lights, fixtures and fittings, insulation, introduced building materials, colours and quality systems such as hot water, etc. Once you have consolidated many of your wants and needs your draftsman will then start drafting the plans for your new home and your renovation can start taking shape.

Once your plans are finalised and you are happy with the design, Nathan can then submit them into the Sunshine Coast Council for building approval. Once approved and your building contract signed with Green Earth Homes our team can commence your renovation project on your Sunshine Coast home.

Points to consider prior to building: Don’t leave these to the last minute:

  • a. Finance. Do you have the finance to undertake your renovation? If not, Green Earth Homes can offer a recommendation for a reputable finance broker who will make the process easy and provide you with the options available. Don’t waste your valuable time dealing with the banks, let the professionals do this for you. For more information, see the Green Earth Homes Finance section on our website or call our team today (hyperlink to new GEH Finance page).
  • b. Do you need to move out while your renovation is being completed? Start looking for rental accommodation now – don’t leave it to the last minute.
  • c. Do you have a thorough understanding of your building contract? Nathan is very happy to walk you through the Green Earth Homes Building Contract. We want to ensure you know exactly what is included and what is excluded so your renovation and extension experience with Green Earth Homes is fantastic.

Recycling building materials & green building on the Sunshine Coast

Your old Sunshine Coast Queenslander will present many opportunities where you can consider recycling the building materials throughout your renovation. By simply stripping back panelling on your old stairs you might expose an original balustrade, removing wall panels might uncover a fireplace or by removing old carpet beautiful floor boards might still be salvageable. As you progress through your renovation, keep an open mind and consider all opportunities available to you. Green Earth Homes are not only your Sunshine Coast builders but they are also specialists in recycling building materials and are more than happy to provide guidance on the options available.

Incorporating passive design into your home will improve your energy efficiency and therefore reduce your utility bills. Options available to you include but are not limited to:

  • Re-opening enclosed verandahs which will create better cross ventilation
  • Extend roof eaves for shade
  • Build additional covered verandahs to your home
  • Living areas should be located on the northern side of the home to maximise the suns benefit in winter
  • Consider adding more doors and windows to capture the breeze if your home allows it
  • Consider vegetation shade over the home with native trees & shrubs
  • Solar power system, water tanks, grey water recycling
  • Ceiling fans in rooms, water saving devises
  • Permeable driveway

Other design features to consider with your Sunshine Coast Queenslander renovation include colour and paint options.

When deciding on your colours, consider the traditional heritage range as well as passive design options available to you. You can also consider sustainable / environmental paints which are healthy for people and our earth.

  • Roof Colour:
    • Heritage: Traditional burgundy
    • Passive Design: White (low solar absorption, longer lasting)
  • Exterior Walls – Dulux:
  • Heritage: Blue shades such as Ice Blue, Silver Grey
    White shades such as Lime White, Regency White
  • Heritage: Blue shades such as Middle Blue, Slate Blue
    White shades such as Ivory, Lemon Chambers
    Red shades such as Indian Red, Ox Blood
    Green shades such as Mid Brunswick Green, Sage Green, Apple Green
  • Interior Walls – Dulux:
  • Environmental paint companies: Ecostyle, Oikos and Bio Paints

Apart from what Green Earth Homes can sustainably bring into your home, we are also specialists in sustainable waste management. Our team will ensure that all waste products from the building process are disposed of in the most environmental responsible way where ever possible.

Some golden rules for renovating and extending your Sunshine Coast Queenslander:

  1. Do as much that is necessary to make your home modern and comfortable
  2. Repair what you can, replace where necessary
  3. Reversing what you have done should always be considered
  4. History is so important, so is colour and building structure
  5. When raising and building under:

    a. Set back your new building work at least one row of posts from the front of your home
    b. Use timber posts around the perimeter
    c. Retain external front stairs and extend in a traditional style

  6. Maintain the original appearance of your building, especially on the streetscape
  7. Build with materials from the homes era where possible
  8. Reopen enclosed verandahs
  9. Don't have the front of your home dominated by a garage or carport door

For more information on renovating and extending your Sunshine Coast Queenslander or building on the Sunshine Coast please contact our team today.