Designing and building a new home on a challenging site (building on a slope or narrow block) requires specialist skills and.... the Sunshine Coast has plenty of these.

The design must not only suit your lifestyle and your budget, however it must also consider the fall of the land, solar orientation, flood or vegetation overlays, prevailing winds and site access. We often find that sloping sites are purchased due to the potential for views and this often becomes a key consideration in the design of the home.

Green Earth Homes has expertise in custom designing homes that overcome these challenges and maximise the attributes of your site.

Challenges we often design around include: sloping block builders

The design approach at Green Earth Homes, is to work with the site, to maximising the solar orientation of the land and the views while limiting the disturbance to your site. Our team also aims to avoid unnecessary and expensive site cuts and retaining walls where ever possible - this is possible due to our extensive experience and our ability to assess the site accurately .

These challenging blocks often provide the fantastic opportunity for spectacular and innovative design to be used.

Where other builders may lack the experience and / or confidence to tackle a difficult or sloping sites, Green Earth Homes specialise in providing custom designed solutions to suit your lifestyle and your budget, no matter how challenging the site.

house on sloping block sloping block builders