Build with Virtual Reality

See your home before you build it through the use of Virtual Reality with Green Earth Homes.

Build your home with Virtual Reality Sunshine CoastDo you want to build a custom designed home but have concerns that you don’t know what your home will look like?

Do you love the idea of a custom designed home and you want to be able to make clear decisions about the design however lack the confidence to do this?

Or are you limited on time and you have heard that custom designing a home is time consuming?

What if I told you that Nathan and I will resolve all of these concerns through the use of virtual reality and that before you make the final decisions on your custom designed home, you can walk through your home to ensure that you are 100% happy with the way it looks and spaciously feels?

Building your home is one of the biggest decisions that you will make both emotionally and financially. In a world of unlimited options, why would you build a standard home plan that is not 100% suited to you, your block of land or the Sunshine Coast environment?

When you look around, even McDonald’s allows you to custom build your own burger now, Ikea and Freedom provide you with the service to custom design your own couch and there are websites that allow you to even custom design your own clothing label – take a Fendi dress design and pick your own fabric.  With all these options, why would you not custom design your own home – the kitchen that you cook in every day, the bedrooms that your children play in, the office that you work in, or the entertaining space that you celebrate in?

Nathan and I recognised that custom designing a home can be daunting to many people. Most of us just don’t have the ability to visually see a one dimensional home plan in 3D, let alone image ourselves walking through the home, or how we will live in it, where our furniture will sit or where we will put our TV.  Through the use of VR, we can resolve all of this for you – you can walk through your custom designed home, with all of your dreams included and see it before you build it.

Imagine walking up to your home and through your front door, then making your way into your master suite and ensuite. Explore your home deeper as you move into your kitchen – stand beside your island bench and at your cooktop, discover your children’s bedroom, clearly assess the storage space in your garage to ensure it is big enough. Through the ability to do this, you can then make confident decisions on your new home and get your build underway quicker and with confidence in the decisions you have made.

Virtual reality will give you the confidence to build your dream home, and with Nathan and I guiding your through the entire process this will be the best decision you make.

If you would like to see how the VR works, please book an appointment at our display home in Pelican Waters with either Nathan or myself, we would love to walk you through it and discuss exactly how we can help you on this exciting journey.